Saturday, May 26, 2012

Michelangelo's Sketch
Copper by Robin Dodge

Photograph by Mel Shockner

My inspiration was the working sketches of Michelangelo. While searching for study materials, I came across a book at Anthology Book Store downtown titled "Michelangelo, The Pope's Ceiling" by Ross King. In his creative process, he created many sketches that eventually lead to some of his greatest works. I was also inspired in learning about his personal life. It is easy to put these Master on a pedestal and skip over the fact that they were human too, with insecurities and shortcomings and struggles.
Like his sketches, he evolved into one of the greatest artists that has ever lived with a Mount Everest of accomplishments to his credit.
My design strategy. My study strategy was chronological, so  Michelangelo was early in the study. I was extremely intimidated by his genius. I went directly over his sketch and added my impression of it in copper.
My work process. The sketch was a line drawing of Madonna and child. Only the baby was shaded. Using the point of reference of the baby, with sculpting tools, I raised the copper up as though the sketch was coming alive and falling into the 21st century.

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