Saturday, September 26, 2015

nothing more can be expected from ourselves

I just do my best and paint

I am trying to make a living so that I have some place to live
I am doing my best

I am trying to get through a difficult time in my life without stepping on every toe within a 5 mile radius
hide sight is always 20/20
I am doing my best

I am trying to figure out where I fit when everything has been turned upside down
sincerely, I am doing my best

I am trying to be a good mother and grandmother in these times when time is so short
I wish I could do more, I feel guilty  that I cant do more
I can only do my best

I am trying to be true to myself, and loyal to myself and kind to myself

will do my best

Saturday, May 23, 2015

memorial memory day

A Moment in Time
   Bubbles floating, iridescent
rainbow colors always present
light as air, drifting, drifting
all my burdens lifting, lifting

filtered sounds, muffled murmurs
        in protected perimeters
     definition shading, shading
    communication fading, fading

The further away, the clearer I see
shades, reasons,evidence, seasons
emotions surface, raging, raging
turning point, changing, changing

Robin Dodge

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Going with the Flow

People find their inspiration from as many places as there are people, our fingerprint, so to speak.

When I started the 'Inspire' Project, an independent art history study, it was with the soul purpose? ..
to inspire me to put one foot in front of the other. Something I have done in other seasons of my life.
Karl had died and I was past Black.
Just trying to hold on, it gave me a way to hold on and so much more, and I find myself continuing to discover.
The comfort of The Masters should not be underestimated.

A Purple Iris caught my eye,the spring rain stroking this lush of nature. Royal Purple Velvet, shot through with white.
But when I bent down, I saw the most beautiful shrub, burnt sienna and chartreuse emerging from a long winters' sleep.

I'm house sitting, who could have known I was about to enter a wildlife Sanctuary filled with Peace and tranquility.
I think God has heard my prayers.

The other day I was home for lunch and I heard someone on the roof, While investigating, I found two young artists photographing the mural I painted of Waves on the side of the building  Be Sweet Cupcake Shop because it related to a new business the young guys started,
"Waves Around the World." What a pleasure it was to briefly talk.

As I sit here breathing the fresh, post-rain air, I am looking around at the natural beauty.
It heals the soul.
The harmony is pulling me to it.
Since being here it has given me a new appreciation for landscapes and still life.

The last 13 years have been the hardest, most painful, most fearful,
yet the most rewarding, enlightening and heartbreaking of my life.

Through out this Trudgery, from beginning to present, God has given me strength when I had none,
told me the truth with compassion
and protected me through it all..

I am regaining my will to join the flow of life.

I am in a sort of serendipitous flow. Life is taking me right where I need to be.
Meeting all my needs
Body, mind, soul, spirit, heart and aesthetically
I am grateful for it all and my reaction is to paint and create.

Monday, May 27, 2013

"The Fruit of her labor"
50"x 42" oil

My Inspiration was the fruit of the rose.
The rose is a generous flower. We enjoy her beauty and fragrance and her soft pedals are the carpets of brides. When other flowers are calling it a season, the rose gives forth her fruit. Nourishment for wildlife as well as to the most civilized tea party alike.

My design strategy was to paint the small, often overlooked fruit of the rose hip in a large context, while expressing the moment she is giving herself completely.

My work process was large in scale, 50"x 42". I sketched it, then an acrylics under painting followed by the oil painting. Completed 5/26/2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jagged Little Pill

Tonight I was painting and listening to Alanis Morrisette, the song came to "I recommend biting off more than you can chew. I was reminded of my thinking the week before the Sculpture in the Dark week event.
"Did I bite off more than I can chew????"

I was so anxious that I would not be able to deliver. My fear was palletable.

Like a dandelion fairy I was swept up by the warm winter wind into one of the most rewarding and learning events of my life so far. The first day my fear melted away into excitement. Which by the way was satisfied.
Throughout the week we experienced the most amazing feeling of comradery.
We, all three of us on my All Woman Team, had never sculpted snow before, at least not on this level anyway.

Most of the other participating Artist had been in competitions all over the world. It was quite intimidating

All  the other teams were so humble and generous with their knowledge, pointers and tips, and tools.. they were the most amazing group of people. I feel honored to have been one of the participating Artists. 

I started the week with this wild hare thought that I should stay on my exercise regiment for the week because I would be stronger and be able to increase my stamina. ha ha what a laugh. by Tuesday i was exhausted and we really hadn't even started sculpting. 

It is still worth a good laugh when I think about it.

Monday I helped pack the snow. Very hard work if done right. Met most of the other Artists and over the next week I was able to get to know many of them.

The gunshot rang out and we were off. Warm weather encouraged a slow start and led to a hard finish.

Many times throughout the week I commented that I felt like I was on Vacation. Good food, new friends, 
I was doing what I love most.

The week went great. We got our snow sculpture done and we had fun doing it, finishing in the characteristic way of working through the night Friday into Saturday, exhausted but so grateful I was a part of it all.
I learned so much about weather and snow and ice cubes and tools and design and myself of course.

A Special Thank You to Chelsea and Olivia

And Thank You Kristine Koschke for your tireless work putting it all together

Sculpture in the Dark 2013
February 5 - 10, 2013
 This year's winners are:
  • First Place: Team Two Guys and a Block, “Ray the Manta Ray,” Garett Dreiling and Steve Carmer.
  • Second Place: Team Blizzard Boys, “Serenity,” Jade Windell, Josh Wiener and Lou DeAngelis.
  • Third Place: Team Breck, “The Mammouth,” Keith Martin and Margo Jerkovitz.
  • People's Choice Snow Sculpture: Team Triple H, “Snow Swans,” Carey Hosterman, Eli Hopkins and Forrest Hoskins.
  • Online Reporter-Herald People's Choice: “Snow Swans.”
  • Sculpture Spirit of the Artist Award: The Sirens team, “Daphne the Artful Dodger,” Robin Dodge, Chelsea Schnellinger, Olivia Lowe.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Girl Braiding Hair"
16"x 20"
by Robin Dodge

Photograph by Mel Shockner

My inspiration was the way Pierre-Auguste Renior focused on people in intimate and candid compositions.
My design strategy was to paint such an intimate moment of a girl braiding her hair.
My work process was to bath the girl in a warm light, with loose brush strokes, to emulate the style of impressionism.

"Dressing Room"
20"x 16" oil
by Robin Dodge

Photograph by Mel Shockner

My inspiration was the early work of Degas which bared the distinct influence of the dutch  painters. As he matured as a painter he found bolder brush strokes and the use of vivid colors, he blurred the line between portraiture and genre painting.
My design strategy was to create a snapshot of a single moment, a fly on the wall experience.
My work process was to companion up the dark of the old with the bold brush stroke and emerging brilliance of vivid color.