Saturday, May 26, 2012

"The Legend of the Unicorn" 
copper by Robin Dodge

Photograph by Mel Shockner

My inspiration was a French Tapestry in an old art history text book I found at a garage sale. I essentially copied the tapestry, modifying the image content slightly. I was studying Donatello at the time and there was a common practice of taking a pilgrimage to see and copy the works of past masters and Donatello took such a sojourn. So when I came upon the text book photo I was initially attracted to its' mythical value, unicorns specifically.
My design strategy was to make the tapestry into a copper repousee' reflecting on Donatello's "Feast of Herod"
Work Process I used 8mil copper sheet. Drawing the design onto the copper and with sculpting tools, raising and recessing the image to tell the story. I used washes and patina to add to the drama.

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