Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jagged Little Pill

Tonight I was painting and listening to Alanis Morrisette, the song came to "I recommend biting off more than you can chew. I was reminded of my thinking the week before the Sculpture in the Dark week event.
"Did I bite off more than I can chew????"

I was so anxious that I would not be able to deliver. My fear was palletable.

Like a dandelion fairy I was swept up by the warm winter wind into one of the most rewarding and learning events of my life so far. The first day my fear melted away into excitement. Which by the way was satisfied.
Throughout the week we experienced the most amazing feeling of comradery.
We, all three of us on my All Woman Team, had never sculpted snow before, at least not on this level anyway.

Most of the other participating Artist had been in competitions all over the world. It was quite intimidating

All  the other teams were so humble and generous with their knowledge, pointers and tips, and tools.. they were the most amazing group of people. I feel honored to have been one of the participating Artists. 

I started the week with this wild hare thought that I should stay on my exercise regiment for the week because I would be stronger and be able to increase my stamina. ha ha what a laugh. by Tuesday i was exhausted and we really hadn't even started sculpting. 

It is still worth a good laugh when I think about it.

Monday I helped pack the snow. Very hard work if done right. Met most of the other Artists and over the next week I was able to get to know many of them.

The gunshot rang out and we were off. Warm weather encouraged a slow start and led to a hard finish.

Many times throughout the week I commented that I felt like I was on Vacation. Good food, new friends, 
I was doing what I love most.

The week went great. We got our snow sculpture done and we had fun doing it, finishing in the characteristic way of working through the night Friday into Saturday, exhausted but so grateful I was a part of it all.
I learned so much about weather and snow and ice cubes and tools and design and myself of course.

A Special Thank You to Chelsea and Olivia

And Thank You Kristine Koschke for your tireless work putting it all together

Sculpture in the Dark 2013
February 5 - 10, 2013
 This year's winners are:
  • First Place: Team Two Guys and a Block, “Ray the Manta Ray,” Garett Dreiling and Steve Carmer.
  • Second Place: Team Blizzard Boys, “Serenity,” Jade Windell, Josh Wiener and Lou DeAngelis.
  • Third Place: Team Breck, “The Mammouth,” Keith Martin and Margo Jerkovitz.
  • People's Choice Snow Sculpture: Team Triple H, “Snow Swans,” Carey Hosterman, Eli Hopkins and Forrest Hoskins.
  • Online Reporter-Herald People's Choice: “Snow Swans.”
  • Sculpture Spirit of the Artist Award: The Sirens team, “Daphne the Artful Dodger,” Robin Dodge, Chelsea Schnellinger, Olivia Lowe.