Friday, March 18, 2011

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (circa 1386 –December 13, 1466), also known as Donatello

For some time I have been all about Donatello. He was an amazing artist and from what I have been able to find out, equally humble. His low relief stone sculpture was profoundly original. There are many levels I relate to Donatello and until now, I knew his name but knew little else.
Donatello was the most versatile, the most imaginative artist of his century. He has been referred to as the first modern sculptor. In every age he seems new because his theme was human life itself. He influenced Michelangelo, Rafael studied his compositions and Rodin was inspired by him.
Donatello along with Brunelleschi led the breakthrough ideas called the Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance was a movement that cultivated a new interest in realism and the character of the individual, the rediscovered beauty and harmony of the classical form derived from ancient Rome and Greece.
There is so much more to learn about Donatello and I could repeat it all to you, but, I think this is where my blog is really taking it's direction. Because what I would like to encourage you to do is start your own study. My initial intent was art, art history, master artists and the like. This has lead me to the culture surrounding the artist, the world political climate, the religious views surrounding the artist. It seems to all have an influence on the artist and their work.
So what is going on around us. What are the influences that shape the art of our times.
That is what I am getting ready to find out.
Loveland as most of us know has become an artistic mecca. And here in our sleepy little town there are some of the most talented artist of our century. What are their influences. What about our culture has influenced them, what religious view have translated into their work. How has our present day world conditions and political climate influenced them personally and professionally. What do they wish to say through their art. These are obvious questions I have for the masters and must depend on art historians to interpret, unless of course the particular artist left written journals that transmit their intentions,
So what I did was start contacting some of my fellow artist here in Loveland and arranging conversations, a sort of ongoing dialog. This dialog has been going on from the beginning of time in regards to the creative. I have been overwhelmed by the openness and generosity of the artist in my community. And so the dialog goes on here in Loveland.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What am I trying to accomplish?

Study Artist

1. Learn where they came from. (Their personal history)

2. Learn who they were as people, as artists, who they were in relationship to the people around them.

3. Familiarize myself with their work.

4. Try to absorb the evolution of their genus (mastery).

5. Seeking to better my art, through improving my skill and a deeper understanding of my work.

6. Internalize the journey

&. Identify the profoundly original