Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sunday night I finished my last painting for the show. It was the portrait of Troy. Monday I spent the day with Mel Schockner Photographing the work for the show in July.

This is the end of the heavy lifting.

Much to my good fortune, Monday night was the meeting of our monthly "Artist Collective" It was one of the best meeting yet. Dena Kirk was one of the speakers that night and she said some things I was ready to hear.

That is one of the cool things I have learned over the years is that when I am ready to learn a thing, someone comes along and says something, or does something that makes everything come together in a way, in that moment, something is passed between my teacher and me.

Tuesday I had a long day at my other job.

Today I have been meditating, while washing dishes, the last two plus years and what I have been trying to accomplish and how did that match up with what I took away from this thing I have been doing.

I think that is what I have to share now.

I will ruminate on this, while I move from room to room kicking up the things not yet internalized like the dust under the swing of my broom.

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