Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rose hips

I have started my painting influenced by my studies of Georgia O'Keeffe. How does Georgia influence me?

The first time I went to her museum in santa fe in 1997, excitement was in the air. We came by way of motorcycle, Karl and I. We stayed at the Abiquiu Inn a couple of miles from her house. Settled in and then took a day trip to Sante Fe. We paid for our tickets, I remember handing my ticket to the man at the door to the entrance, walking around a corner and there was her painting of the night cityscape with a single street lantern. It took my breath away, literally, tears welled up in my eyes. suddenly I felt terribly resentful that there were other people there. Surely this was meant to be a solitary moment. I could feel her spirit in her work. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, one I will never forget. I have trouble describing it as anything less of a spiritual experience. I had read about her, had calenders, books, but to be face to face with the work was so different.

When it came time to start on the painting that represented the influence that Georgia O'Keeffe has had on me and my work,it was more complex then one might think, she is perhaps the most famous female artist in history.

I have in the past painted my fair share of flowers at close range and I have my own deer skull paintings with their own personal stories. But I wanted this painting to say something about her and I.

I decided to paint "Rose hips"

organic in nature, familiar curves and shapes, the rose hip representing the afterlife and nourishment that comes from the rose after the spender has passed.

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