Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm sitting at my desk, in front of my computer. Above me is my new, big, come to the rescue, white board. My project management board which is suppose to get me organized, keep me on track, make me efficient, organized, focused, super duper, magically transform me into one of those together people I so admire but have never personally been able to pull off. about $83.00 later I am still me.

I think I need to adjust my expectations.
just a little

Around me are sticky notes every where. Not just ordinary sticky notes that come in bright yellow, but the cool sticky notes that cost extra to get the cool colors. Like little flags waving quotes, composition ideas, ideas for paintings inspired by something I read or saw, ah ha moments all recorded for easy access.
Constant reminders.
Then of course there is the cork board directly in front of me. with Greenpeace bumper stickers, WWF book markers, a painted wooden cross from Mexico, the 4 noble truths of Buddha, business cards and numerous sentimental trinkets.
Around me is my art, other people's art, books about art, art dictionaries, and artist biographies.
Behind me is a large still life set up on my dining table, and numerous paintings in process. Peacock feathers and of course my guitar.

And I still find myself experiencing profound writer's block.
So, I sit here and I write what may seem now as gibberish, hoping it will open the portal to purpose.

what, when, where, how, and why. hmm....

what was I thinking?

I guess it is time to drag out "The Artist's Way" and get some discipline.

But I keep painting and creating even if I can not articulate it relative to my study.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and sculptor Monty Taylor called me and asked me to work with him on a collaborative project.

His son works for "Farmer to Farmer" an organization that works with farmers around the world helping them with farming techniques and innovations. His Son is working with a tribe in Kenya and they are attempting to save a heard of giraffe that are protected in Kenya, but, when they cross the man made border into Somalia, they face certain death at the hands of poachers due to the Chinese market for exotic parts.

The piece will be sold and proceeds will go towards a project to create a water source for the giraffes so they don't cross the border for water during the dry season.

We are both excited and pleased with the outcome and foresee other collaborative projects like this in the future.

Presently I am working on a portrait of Troy using what I have learned from Rembrandt, a Still Life using what I learned from Cezanne in regards to multiple perspectives, and couple of other projects are in the planning stage.

I shall put my best foot forward, be it right or left.

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