Monday, August 30, 2010

In conclusion

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
Leonardo da Vinci

For the last month and a half I have been studying Leonardo da Vinci and I can say that the experience has truly taken me into the clouds. He was an extraordinary man and I have learned so much. I am currently working on a portrait of my daughter Sheena in the Mona Lisa style using his techniques of thin coats of paint layered to creating the ethereal effect he so masterly captured. I will continue to work on the painting but because of the many layers, specifically 30 layers, this project is ongoing and will take more time and I am ready to move on to the next artist.

In conclusion of my studies of Leo, there are many things to admire about this man as I have mentioned previously, the main aspect I am taking away from him is the diversity of his creativity and the creative way he approached every aspect of his life.
Having taken time to really look at much of his work and read about the time he spent on this earth I feel I have truly touched the sky and and there I, with Leonardo as my example, will return.
I encourage anyone who is a willing and ready student to do your own journey with Leonardo and glean the pearls of wisdom he still offers anyone open to receive.

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